Ryan's Story

Ryan Hydro is an all American songwriter who grew up in a town in Pennsylvania named for the world's greatest athlete, Jim Thorpe. Known by his friends as simply "Hydro," Ryan is riding high on the momentum of a successful 2017 and already pushing toward an even better 2018.
Ryan started writing songs in 2003 when a broken heart led him to emotional expression through music. Ryan pulled from great musical influences like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Craig Wiseman, and Desmond Child. As Ryan developed as a writer, he realized that he wanted more for his songs than just a form of personal expression; he wanted to have his songs hit the top of the charts!

Success came quickly for him and in 2004 Ryan was a finalist in the lyric category of the VH-1 Song of The Year Competition. Several of his songs also placed in the runner up and Honorable Mention categories in that competition. He went on to have two songs receive Honorable Mention nods in the 2008 Billboard World Song Contest and another song, "Jack Nicholson" was voted the #1 Song at NSAI Song Camp 301 by six pro writers.
Ryan continued to pursue ways to improve his writing skills and in 2009, Ryan attended the Nashville Songwriting Association's Spring Training event. He ended the session by being one of ten songwriters, chosen out of 350 writers, to have a song picked up by a publisher. Ryan has continued to garner critical acclaim for his songs and is currently writing with established, hit songwriters and artists in the US and Canada. 
  • Ryan ended the year with six indie cuts, three songs signed to film and TV projects, and four other songs signed to co-publishing deals.
  • “Wake Up And Smell The Country” was heard on TV show “Nashville" on ABC
    • In the CMA episode during Season 3
  • Top 10 American Idol Finalist, Scott MacIntyre cut “Lighthouse” & "Lovely Mess" 
    • Ryan cowrote both "Lighthouse" and "Lovely Mess"
  • Landed a series of indie cuts
  • Scott MacIntyre cut Ryan's cowritten song "Christmas In Paris"

  • Ryan's Songs Performed by Opening Acts for Florida Georgia Line, Chris Young, Lonestar, and Ronnie Milsap Shows
  • Numerous contracts signed for film and TV placement
  • Landed a series of indie cuts

  • "Skin" won 3rd place in the prestigious Pensacola Songwriters Festival Song Contest
  • "Underdogs and Outlaws" on Urban Conversion episode "Urban Gardening: The White House and Monticello" on PBS
  • "Lighthouse" performed by Scott MacIntyre on PTL Television Network 
  • Crystal Hopkins released her EP entitled "Stay" which had "Runnin' With The Boys" and "Runaround" on it
  • Signed film and TV contracts
  • Songs performed in music venues 228 times during 2016 
  • "Spread Some Good Time Around" received airplay on Sirius XM Satellite Radio
  • "Whiskey Lie" cut by Alyssa Oeder on "The Bottle Or Me" release.
  • "Lighthouse" signed to licensing agreement for TV, film, and internet use. 
  • "Backwoods Bound" signed to publishing agreement for film and TV placement
  • "Uh Uh" signed to track licensing agreement and to be cut by German recording artist, Jamy Sheene.
  • "On The Rebound" cut on Sean Gristwood's, "Reckless Heart" release.
  • Songs performed in music venues 317 times during 2017
  • "Whiskey Lie" to be released as a single by Canadian Country Artist Melissa Livingstone
  • Ryan has signed a total of 21 single song publishing contracts for his songs in his songwriting career


    Ryan lived in Atlanta, Georgia for six years and is currently living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA with his wife, Sheila. Outside of songwriting, Ryan enjoys traveling, reading, watching sports, and spending time with his family.  Ryan has been to England, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Bahamas, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and France.   
    Memberships and Associations:
    Global Songwriters Association